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January 2020 Issue
by Carrie Lewis

Every year after Christmas has passed and the New Year is dawning, most of us begin some sort of self-reflection. Maybe we want to shed some weight, or start making the people in our lives more of a priority. The key ingredient to any of these resolutions ultimately is motivation.

Finding motivation can be a challenge for both old and young alike, but keeping the motivation is wherein the challenge lies. The old adage “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion” is a scientific truth we can put to the test on a daily basis. It could be something like starting small and walking around the block in our neighborhood, or for someone with painful arthritis, a goal could be simply making it to the mailbox once a day to check it. There is no shame in starting small with these steps.

Another good thing we all say over the holidays to our families is that we wish we saw them more and how good it is to catch up. The toil of our work and home life, coupled with our smartphone habits, seems to take precedence most days. I always type “Happy Birthday” to my distant family, but because I have become accustomed to preferring texting to talking on the phone, I rarely dial them to hear their voices. This is something that I am motivated to work on this year. I am going to call my family more. I have many elderly family members who are not local and do not text or use smartphones. I feel like I am connected because I can see and “like” their 96th birthday pics posted by their daughter on Facebook and Instagram, but I am not directly connected. Prior to Thanksgiving I hadn’t spoken to them in months since I saw them in their assisted living residence in Dublin, Ga., my hometown. We all feel so connected because of social media but in reality, we are losing touch with the beauty of hearing the voices of our loved ones.

Motivation doesn’t come easy. It is easy to forget the things we said we were going to do in January, which is why forming habits is so important. We can put these phones we are glued to to good use by utilizing our phone’s calendar to create recurring events. It could be “go for a walk” from 5:15 until 6:00 daily or every other day. It could be a reminder to call a loved one by checking-in weekly at 7: 00 pm on Thursday. Adding reminders creates accountability no matter how big or small your goals are for 2020.

Why not join me in this motivational challenge? I’m going to check-in with myself quarterly to ensure my new habits are becoming routine. As these small steps become bigger ones, they could be vital to both our anticipated success and communication with loved ones.

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Carrie Lewis is the Regional Administrator for Georgia Living Senior Home Care’s South Coastal Region. She lives in Brunswick with her two daughters and is active in the Junior League, Rotary Club of Brunswick, Alzheimer’s Assoc. of Coastal Georgia and her church, St. Francis Xavier. Follow her company on Facebook @GLSHCSCR or call 912-409-6146. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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