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Why Choose Paisley?

Paisley Magazine is the single best investment for your marketing dollars because it targets women, thus targeting the majority of consumer decisions. In addition, Paisley is the most popular magazine for women that reaches women across Coastal Georgia. Paisley’s mission is to "Empower, Inform, Encourage and Evoke Thought." It’s a product with a conscious on a journey to improve the lives, opportunities and attitudes for women. Thus, when you buy Paisley, you not only get effective advertising, you become a positive influence for the women of your community.

Our large format, professionally designed ads have 10 years of proven power to turn our readers into your customers. The Paisley team is dedicated to women and the communities in which they live; and in return these women are dedicated to Pink magazine.

1. Exciting, Fresh Format... Colorful, large and visually stimulating, Pink Magazine is always on trend with current and innovative design, as well as providing informative, relevant and inspirational editorial.

2. Excellent Reach...
Paisley is geared to women, who account for more than 83% of all consumer decisions and hold the most buying power! Plus, Paisley readers are very loyal and include both locals
and tourists.

3. Experience...
Millen Publishing Group and Reading in the Hammock has a 16-year proven track record and is the publisher of a variety of successful, women-directed products. Success has brought credibility. This credibility works as a tool for our advertisers. We are creating a partnership.

4. Expertise... Free, Creative Ad Design by professional graphics team.

5. Involvement... Paisley is interactive! We host the Paisley Partini which has quickly become the Goastal Georgia’s largest girls’ night out! In addition, Paisley generously supports local community

4. Value-Added Partnership...
We believe in partnering with our customers by offering free perks only available to our advertisers, thus creating value in their investment.

5. Paisley Advertising Works...
Our customers consistently renew their ads with Paisley because their ads generate new and repeat business, which equates to increased revenue and wise allocation of marketing dollars.

6. Affordable Rates...
Compared to other publications, Paisley is a great buy for the money. With Pink you get bigger, more reach and always competitive, fair rates!

Don't Just Hear it from Us... Here are the Stats!

83% of women make all consumer decisions.

73% of women make all family healthcare decisions.

91% of home decisions are made by women.

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Pink & Paisley Magazines are the ultimate way to reach women the SC Lowcountry and Coastal Georgia. And, when you reach women, you reach the majority buying market. To learn more click here for Paisley and here for Pink or give us a call!

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