A Smile Takeover - April 2018

Elizabeth Arrington-Fowler

Makeover 0418

Story by Meredith Deal    
Photography by Nancy J. Reynolds Photography and Mike Force Photography

J. Elizabeth Arrington-Fowler, whose father told her to always tell the truth, take responsibility for what she does, and to only do things she would not be ashamed of, is sharing proud news about her new lifestyle and well-being. “I went to see Dr. Angela Britt at Dentistry by Angela Britt (mostly for my vanity) and came out with renewed health—both emotional and physical health. “Yes, and I do look good!

Elizabeth’s Story:

When Elizabeth and her husband, Lt. Col. Wayne Fowler, moved to St. Simons Island ten years ago, it was only four short months later when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. “We were blessed to get three and a-half more years together.” A little over two years ago, Elizabeth decided it was time to “get back into the world,” becoming involved with non-profit causes, learning to meditate, learning Italian and getting back to working on herself.  Part of the plan was to prepare for her Vardell Hall Girls School 50th Class Reunion in early May – a schedule she’s been working diligently on with Dr. Britt, with a slight interruption from Hurricane Irma.  

“Elizabeth came to us wanting a bigger, brighter smile to match her bright personality,” said Dr. Britt. “She had failing porcelain crowns and had lost several back teeth due to failing root canals. She also had a bad bite, causing a loss of vertical height and facial support.” There were three phases to restoring her teeth to proper function and achieving a non-surgical facelift. As part of a TMJ disorder and to find her best bite, she first wore an orthotic. Next, implants were placed and tori (an overgrowth of bone in the floor of the mouth, due to forces created by her bad bite) was removed. Dr. Britt explained, “Now her tongue has proper position day and night, which has improved her airway function. We spent a lot of time discussing the final appearance of her teeth, including color, size, shape and length—all which Elizabeth chose. Her temporary crowns became her trial smile with slight changes to achieve her desired smile. After placing porcelain restorations and restoring the implants with crowns, in the final phase, I slightly enhanced her lips with Juvaderm™ and reduced facial lines with Botox™. Elizabeth looks fabulous, and her facial rejuvenation has played a major role in her new youthful appearance.”  

Proclaiming “there’s more to this world than just me,” Elizabeth has gotten involved with Wreaths across America, meditation and the 4Oceans Project. Her blood pressure is down 18 points, and she has changed her eating habits. “I’m motivated during the day and sleep soundly at night!”

Beauty Day:Makeover2 0418

Excited to be selected as our makeover candidate, Elizabeth first met with Sandy Reagin, owner of The Classi Lady, to select her outfit. Together, they chose lightweight, black stretch Habitat leggings, a coastal blue/turquoise Valentina Tee and crystal earrings. They stylishly layered the Tee with a beaded poncho, which easily takes any outfit from day to night—beach to cocktails. This outfit will be an absolute hit at the reunion!

Elizabeth was happy to arrive at Tangles, the Hair Place to see her long-time master cosmetologist, Beth Glotzbach. “They are so personable here at Tangles and genuinely care about each client. I’m happy to know them.” Beth treated Elizabeth to a shampoo and blowout with cascading loose curls. “She was a platinum blonde years ago, then had a little bit of hair loss, so we are transitioning her back to her natural light brown color with silvery highlights,” Beth said.

Next, Judy S. Crouch, master cosmetologist and Tangles makeup artist, began Elizabeth’s makeup lesson. Utilizing all Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup™ professional products, Judy prepped Elizabeth’s face for foundation and all-in-one concealer base using a dampened sponge to pat on the crème. Then, Judy worked on contouring and color for depth and definition. Her artisan skill was amazing as she transitioned Elizabeth’s skin to flawless—as if she had no makeup on at all.

After a brush of soft pink blush and shimmer, Judy dabbed a little Blue Magic on Elizabeth’s eyelids, followed by black gray eyeliner for softness. A bolder eyeliner stroke for cat eyes and a set of lovely false eyelashes set our candidate’s eyes aglow. Some Jane Iredale lip pencil accented with pale bubble gum pink and vibrant pink rose NYX soft matte lip creams were the final touches.

Happy Ending:

 “I am a 100 percent satisfied happy person! I love my new complete look. It is the best thing: I get up in the morning, brush my teeth, floss, water pick, add a little gloss and look great! When your smile looks good, you look good! It has taken awhile to get to where I am today.” Smiling widely with her gorgeous teeth, hair and makeup, Elizabeth concluded, “Now people don’t recognize me, and those who do, can’t decide what I’ve had done!”

Team Elizabeth:

Dentistry by Angela Britt, Dr. Angela Britt, DMD, AAACD, LVIF. Located at 110 Professional Center Drive, Brunswick, Ga 31525. With so many life-enhancing dental and therapeutic services to offer, call for your consultation, today: 912.264.5550. Website: www.angelabrittDMD.com.

The Classi Lady, owner, Sandy Reagin. Spring sportswear to suit your style arriving daily: 3421-5 Cypress Mill Road, Brunswick, Open Tues- Sat. 912.265.2392.

Beth Glotzbach, colorist and master cosmetologist at Tangles, the Hair Place. Let Beth help you to become your best. Call for your appointment today: 276 Redfern Village, SSI, 912.638.1300.

Judy S. Crouch, master cosmetologist and makeup artist at Tangles, the Hair Place. See Judy for a springtime rejuvenation. Call for your appointment today: 276 Redfern Village, SSI. 912.638.1300.

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