What is Paisley?

PaisleyLogo w.paisleysPaisley is way more than a shape;
it's a way to shape your life!

Paisley is an attitude—a positive attitude! And, that positivity extends into Paisley, our print magazine. Paisley is a magazine for women. What women, you ask? All women. There’s no way one magazine can appeal to all women, but we do. Paisley has long crossed age and race barriers to bring all women together. While it’s only physically distributed throughout Coastal Georgia—St. Simons Island, Brunswick, Jekyll Island, Darien, Sea Island, Eulonia and beyond—Paisley has global appeal through content that women everywhere can relate to. The mission of Paisley has always been to empower, Inform, eNcourage and evoke thought. We do this through inspirational articles, which cover the gamut from funny to touching to deep to informative.

We believe every woman has a story and that’s why we feature local women in the magazine every single month. You don’t have to be a celebrity, CEO, or business owner to be asked to be in our magazine. You see, we know that every women is special in her own way and should never be defined based solely on where she works, what position she holds or who she might be married to. We’ve had so many women claim they are boring or have nothing to say. It’s never failed that when you get a woman talking, the story always reveals itself…and there is ALWAYS a story.

Paisley Magazine celebrates women and the people and things they love. You will find fashion, décor, recipes, motivation, laughter, health, makeovers, gardening, fabulous cover art, a few tears, and a whole lot of heart inside Paisley…that’s why we say Celebrate Your Womentality!

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Pink & Paisley Magazines are the ultimate way to reach women the SC Lowcountry and Coastal Georgia. And, when you reach women, you reach the majority buying market. To learn more click here for Paisley and here for Pink or give us a call!

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